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About Faulty Cars and Car Parts

Defective cars and car parts are a serious danger.  If you or a loved one were hurt because of a car defect, call David S. Brown and let an experienced car defect lawyer help you.

Defective car parts can lead to catastrophic injuries or death.  David S. Brown understands the human tragedies these accidents cause and will help you get what is right.

David S. Brown began his career representing auto and airplane manufacturers.  He learned the law representing Ford, Jeep, Lockheed, and others, but in 1986 he decided to use his skill to help individuals hurt by the products of big companies.

What is a defective car?

Cars can be defective if a part was manufactured wrong, designed wrong, or if there weren’t adequate warnings about the product.  David S. Brown has handled all of these types of cases.

Cars are equipped with air bags to protect drivers and passengers in the case of an accident, but air bags can be defective.  David S. Brown helped a woman who was hurt when her air bag deployed several seconds after her car was fully stopped.

Car roofs must be strong enough to protect drivers and passengers in the case of an accident, including a rollover accident.  David S. Brown helped a woman whose husband was killed on their honeymoon when a wheel from another car hit their roof and killed her husband.

Car batteries should not explode, but sometimes they do.  David S. Brown helped a man whose car battery exploded while he was cleaning under the hood.

Defective Auto and Car Parts Product Liability Lawyer, Serving Southern California

If you or a loved one was injured because of a defective in a car, let David S. Brown help you recover what you deserve.


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