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Severe Burn Injury Lawyer, Torrance, CA

Severe Burn Injury Lawyer, Torrance California Personal Injury Attorney

Severe Burns

What is a severe burn?

Burns are classified by severity.

If the burn only injures the top layer of skin, the epidermis, it is called a superficial burn.  This used to be called a first degree burn.

If the burn injures the second layer of skin, the dermis, it is called a partial thickness or dermal injury.  This used to be called a second degree burn.

Most common are first-degree or superficial burns, which are the least serious, and cause tenderness that is similar to sunburn.

Second-degree burns, known as partial thickness burns, are deeper than first-degree burns and are characterized by blotchy white, pink or red patches and blisters.

In order to prevent infection, the blisters of second degree burns should be left alone. Second-degree burns may require antibiotics and intravenous fluid replacement.

The most severe type of burn, a third-degree burn, known as a full thickness burn, penetrates through all layers of the skin and may injure tissue beneath skin, so the skin is not capable of healing itself. The skin is leathery and dry and has a white, brown, charcoal-gray or deep red appearance. Areas that have full thickness burns do not blister because the layers of skin and tissue adhere to each other, preventing fluid pockets.

Burns often cause both physical and psychological damage.  Burns leave scars which can impair mobility and cause pain.  If you suffer from severe burns, you may not be able to work or play outside.  The scarring may leave you physically and emotionally damaged.

Severe Burn Injury Attorney, Serving all of Southern California

If you are suffering from severe burns, you need help.  You need the help of an experienced and compassionate lawyer.  David S. Brown has worked with those afflicted with severe burns for over 35 years.  He knows and understands the emotional and financial toll on you and your family.  He will fight to make sure you and your family are compensated and that you get what you deserve.

You need a lawyer committed to helping you and your family.  Call David S. Brown and let him help you.  He understands your injury and he knows how to make sure you recover what you deserve.

Burn injuries are serious and can have life-long consequences.  Burn injuries can occur from:

  • Defective Products
  • Explosions
  • Flammable Materials
  • Hot Liquids
  • Motor Vehicle Fires
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Building Fires
  • Household Fires


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