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Redondo Beach Personal Injury Attorneys

Redondo Beach Personal Injury Attorneys


Over 35 years experience helping victims of personal injury in Redondo Beach

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Redondo Beach Auto Accident and Injury Lawyers

We handle Redondo Beach serious injury cases, including burns, amputation, brain damage, and fractures.  We have helped many Redondo Beach residents, and have achieved several multi-million dollar recoveries through settlement and at trial.

David S. Brown opened his personal injury attorney office in Redondo Beach in 1986, and has since devoted himself exclusively to the representation of plaintiffs in personal injury cases.  Joan Benjamin Brown joined his practice in 1989, and Aaron M. Brown joined in 2011.

What Rights Do You Have If You’re In An Accident?auto-accident-attorneys

In California, every person is responsible for injuries caused by his or her failure to act reasonably. This is called negligence.  For example, if a person is going too fast for the traffic and rear ends the car in front of him, that is negligence. If a driver is distracted by his cell phone and runs a red light, that is negligence.

We represent victims of all types of accidents, including: truck accidents, bike accidents, trip and falls, dangerous products, and dog bites.


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We have been helping victims and their families rebuild their lives for over 35 years. It is crucial that you consult with us early, so that your rights are protected, and your case is handled properly. Call us now at 310-378-3733 for a free consultation.

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