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Claims Against the Government

If you or a loved one were seriously injured by a government employee or on government property, you may have a claim against that government entity.  However, you must act promptly!  The government protects itself by limiting the time you have to file a claim.

Examples of accidents on government property include:

  • Road and highway claims: If you or a loved on were injured because of a government driver, or a defect in a roadway, the city, county, or state may be liable.  For example, the road may have been improperly graded or signed.
  • Sidewalk accidents: If you are injured on a city sidewalk, the city may be liable.  For example, if a city allows tree roots to break up sidewalks and cause big cracks and unevenness, it may be responsible to someone who is hurt on that sidewalk.
  • School Districts: School districts may be responsible for injuries caused by negligent maintenance of the school grounds, or the negligence of employees.

If you or a loved one have been hurt and you think a government entity has been may be responsible, you must find out your rights quickly.  Protect yourself and your family by calling David S. Brown.

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