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Here are samples of the variety of serious injury cases handled by attorneys at Brown, Brown & Brown.  Every case is unique.  The amount of the recovery is determined by the severity of the injury and the extent of culpability of the defendant.

Amount Recovered Description of Case
$6,125,000 Bicycle accident on mountain trail.  Products liability.  Client’s prior attorneys concluded there was no case.
$4,500,000 Auto rollover and fire.  Products liability. Referred by another P.I. attorney who rejected case.
$4,030,000 Single vehicle auto accident case.
$3,555,545 Electrical explosion and fire.  Industrial.  6 week trial. Referred by large firm of attorneys.
$1,600,000 Pharmaceutical injury.  Products liability.  Referred by attorney.
$1,250,000 Tree trimmer struck by cut portion of tree hanging from crane.  Industrial.  Referred by attorney.
$1,000,000 Auto accident.
$1,000,000 Small plane crash.
$750,000 Water drilling rig pipe fell on client. Industrial. Referred by attorney.
$750,000 Chain hoist broke, allowing rock to fall on client’s legs.  Products liability.  Referred by attorney.
$575,000 Hand injured in screw-making machine.  Industrial; products liability.  Referred by attorney.
$540,000 Steel pipe dropped onto head.  Industrial.  Referred by attorney.
$500,000 Single vehicle auto accident; road design case.
$475,000 Auto accident; defendant ran red light.
$352,332 Doctor failed to diagnose neck fracture.  Medical malpractice trial.
$300,000 Client was hit by taxi while crossing street in crosswalk.
$300,000 Fall while fleeing from defendants’ domestic dispute.  Other P.I. attorneys rejected case.
$300,000 Hand injury with table saw.  Industrial; products liability.  Referred by attorney.
$275,000 Client fell on defect in his apartment house driveway.
$250,000 Air bags deployed after client’s car was fully stopped after an accident. Products liability.  Referred by attorney.
$250,000 Client pilot injured in hard landing after power failure due to faulty maintenance.  Referred by attorney.
$237,500 Client cut thumb when porcelain faucet broke.  Products liability.  Client was an attorney.






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