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Broken Bones [Fractures]

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About Broken Bones [Fractures]

Broken bones must be taken seriously.  Some require a cast and are better within several weeks or months.  Unfortunately, others are not as easy to repair and may require months of treatment.  Broken bones involve serious medical expense, and can have permanent effects on a person’s physical and emotional well-being.

David S. Brown has immense experience getting victims compensation for a variety of broken bones.  Common injuries include foot fractures, ankle fractures, hand fractures, wrist fractures, pelvis fractures, leg fractures, shoulder fractures, arm fractures, back fractures, and skull fractures.

Broken bones can be caused by auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, blows to the head, falls, faulty playground equipment, swimming pool accidents, schoolyard accidents, and horseback riding accidents.

Some broken bones require surgery with the insertion of metal plates and rods.  Some will take months of treatment and therapy.  Some broken bones will leave injuries that never heal.

If you or a loved one suffered a fracture, we can help. Call David S. Brown and find out your rights.  Don’t guess about whether you can be compensated.  Call David S. Brown and let this experienced lawyer help you.

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